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Friendship: A Bliss.. !!!

Wild Treasure... !!
An endless list of friends..
Casual.. Regular.. Special...

Wild Variety.. !!
An endless list of friends..
Loving.. Caring..Connecting..
Fighters.. Arguers..Dramatics..

Wild Synchronicity.. !!
An endless list of friends..
Available.. Static..Hovering..
Absconding.. Careless..Lost..

Loveliest of all FEELINGS..
Greatest of all ACHIEVEMENTS.
Affectionate of all DESIRES..
Amazing of all IDEOLOGIES

Booming.. Blasting.. Bombarding..
The bestest of all the GIFTS..
O Lord.. ! Shower the Blessings..


Composed by Dr. Usha Sawhney

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A well composed poem on the endless list of friends , respected Dr. Usha . Congratulations for this composition . 

Frienship has always been an attractive subject of discussion and writing . A friend gets a very special position in comparison to all other relations because all other relations are either because of blood relationship or socio-legal relations . A friend is a choicest person and becomes a relation by chance . He is not connected by any natural relationship . Some say , he is much much better than a teacher because a teacher just shows you a path , a friends walks  few steps with you on that  path you take steps . ( That's why he is the best teacher who walks few steps with his students , one who involves his students with him in any task he takes up .) 

we meet so many people in our whole life , we get involve together with them because of some task , some work , that is also a chance we get to get a friend . That's good but not all of them become our friends . The best directive  we get in this matter is summarized in these words ' be friendly with everyone but be intimate with none or with very few selective ones '. Not all of the lot become our friends but all of them do have a lesson for us , if we are willing to learn . Thus all the persons who happen to come across us have some purpose , they don't come across accidentally , hence have a respect for everyone who meets you , travels with you , or just crosses your path . 

I hope I have  added something in prose in your poem . 

Ones again , congratulations . Keep writing . 

Regards . 

Respected Vijai Shanker Sir, Absolutely right Sir, Friendship's relationship is the bestest of all the relations. I know that there is no such word like 'bestest' but I am so wonderfully impressed with this relationship that feels to invent this word in real. It is so overwhelming to receive such a beautiful piece of prose as a supplement to my poetry. I will definitely keep writing in future too,your words are a real encouragement for me. Thank you so much Sir.



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